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Based in Milan (Italy), k-again is another heavy act ready to invade todays metal scene. The band was officially founded in the late 98, stemming from the ashes of different bands, and emerging as a six-man wrecking crew destined to send shockwaves throughout the music scene. K unleashed their first demo Fake Friends in 1999, to a flurry of critical acclaim and financial success. However, it was with the bands trademark signature of devastating live performances that first attracted ks now growing legion of fans. The bands undeniable presence did not go unnoticed by labels either, as later in the summer of 1999, k struck a deal with Evident Records (a smaller label based in Milan), and began work on their full-length debut album Goodbye, but in the year 2000 the band decided to parted ways from the label itself theres a version of Goodbye that is never released!!! Other accomplishments followed as they took over the Rolling Stone Club (a famous venue relocated In Milan) including an invite as the only Italian band on the Korn Night (tribute-show for the bands gig in Milan on May 2000). Press and recognition by several respected Italian music associations including Rocksound Magazine, Hard Magazine, Psycho! Magazine, Rock.It, Babylon Magazine, Movimenta, Rockitalia, Rumore Magazine. Ks presence even invaded the U.S. where they signed with Pathologic Promotions, a U.S. promotions company based in Michigan. They also been praised and recognized by a number of U.S. webzines including Undevoured, Dynamic Rock, Nosebleed 17, Unrestrained, themusictank, Indulged and Hammerpunch. Then in 2001, the band signed with another Italian label 2KKrecords and finally they released the long waited revisited version of their debut album Goodbye on March 15th, followed by a sold-out showcase at the Rolling Stone Club and an Italian tour. In the same year, the band was also selected by Shoutweb (a U.S. webzine), as one of five nominees for the Unsigned Band Competition, which was awarded to 5-Line Legacy (Canada). K was not far behind. During the summer of 2001 the guys split amicable with some members, but the big chance for their lives arrives They were invited to the Locobazooka 2002 Festival in Worcester, MA (U.S.A.) with acts like DISTURBED, NONPOINT, ROLLINS BAND, PUYA, GODHEAD, KITTIE, SWITCHED, BIOHAZARD and other local bands, but due to the events of September 11th, they didnt play. The year 2002, sees the release of a new EP titled ultraVIOLENCE which represents a change of musical direction for the band with more metal and hardcore influences and also the departure of guitarist Lenny and after a few shows of drummer Sig. The guys remains as a four-piece band with the introduction of Dany (former member of GMAD an Italian metal-cover band) as their new drummer. During the same year after a couple of shows the band parted ways with him due to an injury. 2003 K have just recorded a new EP titled ultraVIOLENCE EXTENDED with a friend helping them with the drum duties. Actually the guys are touring and working on new songs and video material. In August they will be travelling to Hollywood (CA, U.S.A.) to record a new effort with Logan Mader (former member of Machine Head, Soulfly and Medication)